My creative side!

So after much resistance on my part I finally succumbed to the hype of Pinterest! I just knew from the talk of everyone on facebook that my life would become consumed with Pins, boards and all things crafty! So I stayed away as long as I could! hahaha… which was only a few months!

I love creating! I started painting about 10 years ago when I first moved to upstate NY. I worked at a residential boys home and my boss said that I was getting to immersed in work and that I needed friends and a hobby! Pretty crazy when your boss tells you that huh!

So off and on for the last 10 years I would find myself painting and loving it! Then life would take over with all its crazy hours, hectic schedules and the worries about making financial ends meet. All of that some how puts a damper on creative juices from flowing freely!

But I am back! And this time I want to keep track of my creative masterpieces! And that is one of the many reasons I love Pinterest! Not only does it give great ideas of DIY projects but it also helps a person to have a spot to show the things that they have created.

I have exactly 199 pins on my projects that I want to try board not to mention the home remedies board.. etc… etc! So what my goal is as I have the finances I am going to make one of my projects and blog about it! I can’t wait! My project that I am most excited about is the pallet coffee table which should be super inexpensive and somewhat easy to make!

My mom is onboard with that idea! The other day while my mom and Poppy were on their way to take the trash to the dump my mom spies a pallet lying close to the road… so on the way back she tells my step dad that she wants him to pick it up and put it in the car because I want to do this project! He almost complied until he saw that the pallet was in fact in someones yard! He went around the car to ensure that my mom wouldn’t get out and try and put it in the car! Baahahahaha I can just see this all unfolding! My mom is so fun and when she gets something in her head its hard to change it! Guess now I know where I get it from! 🙂

So as soon as we can find a legitimate place around home to get pallets, I will definitely be making the coffee table!


Until then let me tell you about my attempt at making Ombre dyed curtains!

So these are the before curtains….

Before: Old out dated curtains

I just recently moved back home and wanted to make the transition as easy as possible. For me that means creating a space that is purely and simply mine!

There is nothing wrong with these curtains.. other than they are about 50 years old and devoid of all color! 🙂

So I decided that I needed to incorporate my favorite color into the room some way or some how!

I started with red dye and followed the directions of water. dye. salt ratio in a bucket.

I then decided I also had two shirts and a cardigan that were pretty boring and needing some TLC too!

So with all the piece of the curtains, 2 shirts, one cardigan and the bucket of dye, I set out on an adventure to fashion the idea that I had in my mind of what it was all going to look like!

I will say that the curtains did not turn out as I had hoped or envisioned, however they match my bedspread perfectly so it wasn’t a total fail!

Here is the process via photography… Enjoy!

Oh the process!

Dunked the curtains in and then gradually brought more and more of the fabric out to create an Ombre apperance.

Got excited and over ambitious to plan for and find rubber gloves! Oooops!











Was a white shirt and now has the Ombre effect dye. Turned out really great!!

Cardigan used to be grey and boring! NOW its so much cuter.. is that a word?! haha













All of my projects hanging up to dry

Oh by the way… I did find gloves!
















So that was the process! It was a whole day activity of dipping and hanging. I had to make sure that I got the desired color and like I mentioned above the curtains were a challenge but they turned out ok.

So now you get to see the end results!

Though the Ombre technic isn’t as dramatic with these I still like the color and how it brings out the same color in the bedspread.

“Quilt” I found on sale at Walmart

Close up of the new and improved curtains!

about a year or so ago.







And that is my first blog of creativity!

Hope you enjoyed it!! 🙂


Reading your responses makes me smile so please leave me your thoughts! =)

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