Please pray for India!

In 2008 I spent 6 months in Chennai, India and there is still a piece of my heart in that beautiful country! I just saw on my friends Facebook that lives in Chennai that they are also getting hit with storms and cyclones! I’m really struggling because I know that we in America got hit hard and I pray for each person affected by the storm! However when I hear of India being affected by storms my mind instantly goes to the family’s in the slums right by the river and how many of them have no escape or place to go to protect themselves! Please pray for India and the safety of all!

This was the news article that I found about the storm….

CHENNAI: The city is bracing for Cyclone Nilam, which is likely to bring heavy rain and gusty winds that could reach speeds up to 65kmph.

By 5pm on Tuesday, the cyclone was 500km southeast of Chennai. It was stationary for more than 12 hours but started moving in a north-northwesterly direction, and is likely to cross the shore between Nellore in AP and Cuddalore in TN. “Chennai will have a bit of rough weather on Wednesday evening as the cyclone moves closer,” said IMD deputy director general Y E A Raj.

The system started as a trough of low pressure over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on Friday.

The Tamil Nadu and Puducherry governments have put their disaster management cells on high alert as they gear up to face the onslaught of Cyclone Nilam, expected to cross the coast in northern Tamil Nadu or southern Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday evening.

There will be heavy rain, but the wind speed is expected to be in the region of 50kmph to 65kmph, much lower than last year’s Thane, which, blowing at 140kmph, uprooted trees, damaged houses and wreaked havoc in many coastal districts. Still, the government does not want to take chances and is prepared to meet any eventuality, said officials in the disaster management department. Also, there are fears that at the time of landfall, the speed of wind could get close to 90kmph.




Reading your responses makes me smile so please leave me your thoughts! =)

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