Thankfulness #2


Today I am thankful for Gods provisions and a full time job! The last 2 years in South Carolina was a constant struggle financially, emotionally and spiritually! I had so many people telling me the “prosperity” gospel message and even though I knew it was unbiblical I started wondering what I was doing wrong with my life that I would pray, go to church, volunteer, tithe and do good but I still couldn’t get ahead in life! That’s the problem with that kind of gospel message… The name it and claim it message! What does it do to someone’s faith and belief in Jesus when they are hit with financially trying times, or it feels like everything in their life is falling apart?! I guess it’s the prosperity gospel that tells that person that the person must be sinning, not praying hard enough or not have enough faith… Yet my life down in South Carolina was not a time of any of that… If anything my time there was spent fleeing from past sinful ways, building my prayer life and trusting God through faith that He would provide all my needs! And I’m thankful that that season of my life is over for now! I pray that I learned the things He had for me to learn! I’m so thankful for a chance to come back up to NY and get back on my feet. And for a wonderful mother that continues to be my cheerleader through all life’s ups and downs! And lastly I am thankful for the ability to have saved up enough money to get this beautiful computer! My hard work and Gods blessings made this possible! Now for blogging more and hopefully continued work on my book!! Yaaay!


Reading your responses makes me smile so please leave me your thoughts! =)

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