Daily prompt #2

Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.

I have had some very heavy, emotional blogs lately and so when reading this I wanted to write on something light and funny… Hope this accomplishes just that!

I would tell my friends to NEVER cut their younger brothers hair into a spike like he wants without permission from your mom!

I was 14 years old and one of the many things I aspired to be was a cosmetologist ..

My brother was 4 years old and all he wanted at the time was a cool looking spike hair cut like all his little friends!

I remember money being tight like it always seemed to be though my parents always worked so hard! So I thought maybe that was why mom didn’t want to take him to get his spiky cut like he was asking for! As my mom left us home so that she could go run errands her last words to us kids was… “Be good, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!!… That didn’t leave us much to do! =)

And as we were sitting around like kids do trying to figure out what they are going to do with these few precious hours of freedom from the parents… A brilliant idea popped into my head!! I jumped up off the couch and pointed to my brother and said, “I got the best idea EVER!!!”

His innocent little eyes looked up at me with such trust!

I told him how mom and dad didn’t have the money to get his hair cut into a spike but that I would do it for him and then mom would be so happy when it was cut nice and styled all handsomely… I remember starting to say cute.. but for the only boy surrounded by a bunch of women… cute was not cool even for a 4 year old!!

I set him on the toilet in the bathroom, put a towel around his shoulders like I had seen other hair cutters do, and as I sprayed his hair down with the squirt bottle, I straightened his head with my hands and  told him… “Now HOLD STILL!!”

Well…. that’s like telling a kid at Christmas to just look when standing in front of a tree full of presents they know are all theirs!!

He did good for a little bit and then..  I was combing up a group of hair between my fingers and positioned the scissors to cut. As I started snipping that section my brother popped his head up and moved…. Just as the scissors closed over the last inch of hair!

As I looked down, all I saw was his scalp!! OOOOOHHHHH NOOOO!! The scissors had cut a huge chunk of hair with the last snip and there was no hair left in this spot right on the top of his head. Of course it wasn’t on the side where I could easily hide the mistake. Nope right on the top left side of his head!

My heart sank! How was I going to fix this! I yelled at my poor little brother for not holding still and now his spike was all messed up! Tears sprang to his eyes and I said I was sorry for yelling. I tried fixing it… well attempted to make it less noticeable!

And the next thing I know, my mom is walking in the front door, instructing us to come down and help her carry in groceries!

Of course what does my sweet precious little brother do?!

Run down the stairs and yell, “Mom look at my spike! Manda messed it up when I moved my head!”

Oh boy, you can just imagine the look on my mom’s face, shock turned to tears turned to anger as the emotions worked their way through the cycle!

Needless to say I was grounded for a week and never allowed to touch hair cutting scissors again during my growing up years… well at least not that they knew of! =)

SO definitely do not attempt to cut your brothers hair if you have no experience!


5 thoughts on “Daily prompt #2

      • So funny! Hair grows back but oops well.. So cute! Great job! I really hope the daily prompt moves in a more whimsical direction. I have more experiences but wouldn’t mind spreading them out over time 😉

  1. I’ll never forget the first time I attempted to cut my own hair, at the young age of 8. Not exactly sure what I was thinking; perhaps it was an unruly cowlick that I refused to be the victim of. Anyways, now I would do anything to have more hair in that particular spot… oh sweet irony.

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