Thankfulness #8


Today I am thankful for the life long friendship of my friend Kristen! We have been through so much together and I can’t imagine life without her! The other day she had surgery and even though it was outpatient you still worry and wonder… Does she know how much I love her? Does she know how amazingly strong I think she is to have withstood all life threw at her and how she has overcome?! Does she know that I’m so thankful for all she has done for me and how I never would have made it through without her love and support? I try telling all my friends when I say goodbye that I love them because you are never promised tomorrow but how many times do we skip saying the other things because we assume they know it or we just never get the chance. I don’t want to ever wonder if she knew what she means to me so I am saying it now! I got to go down and surprise her on my day off and it was the best day off I have had in a really long time! I drove more today than I got sleep as I worked an overnight shift but it was so worth spending some precious tine together. We don’t always have deep meaningful conversations but I feel that we have been through so much together that we can just be together and know what each other is thinking and feeling… But that again is not a reason to keep silent and not tell your friends that you love and cherish what they mean to you! Do it before it’s too late because like I said we are never promised tomorrow!

This picture is a wall mural I did for her in May! It was so much fun and the biggest project I have ever attempted. Sadly I couldn’t find any pics of the two of us together.. Lots of her adorable dogs and kids but I definitely think we will have to remedy that next week when we have our Thanksgiving feast!!!


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