Old post… revisited

I wrote this blog post July 17, 2010. I was going through a lot at that time in my life, trying to figure out if I was supposed to go to India and when, my mom was falling in love with a guy we barely knew very quickly and we felt it was moving way to fast and I was trying to decide where I would live when they got married.

Its awesome how you can look back on your writings and see how God used that time to work it all out for His good! I just needed that reminder tonight and the last couple days! Hope it speaks to someone as well!

Why do we hide our struggles?

So I think this blogging may become addicting! Only day 2 and I have been thinking about so many different things I have wanted to write about!

After a very exhausting week emotional and physically at work I was so ready to throw in the towel and just not do anything today! I didn’t want to talk to any one or see any one.

Though the solitude today was nice I knew that I was falling into one of the devils many traps of isolating myself when going through struggles, so I text my friend and we planned a little time together! And on my way to a dear friends I thought about how the devil gets us to feel that way. We begin thinking that we are the only ones going through difficult or challenging times! He wants us so isolated that we think no one else in the world could be feeling what we are.

On my way over to her house as I was driving I could see this huge ominous, gray cloud over the town of Bath ( kinda like the cloud over Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh stories) It wasn’t raining, just hovering over the town like an oppressed, sad spirit… YET to the West I could see the sunset!! And though this cloud was there and you could feel it the sun was still shining on the town filling it with light! It was so beautiful to me and it showed me something!

There are times in our lives when it feels like our life is weighing down on us and that this oppression won’t go away. Like we are the only ones that can feel it… Its dark and it keeps us immobile… Its like that cloud… We feel that there is this little rain cloud over us that just won’t rain and won’t go away! YET… instead of looking straight up at the cloud… if you look into the distance you can see the SONset! He wants to light up your life and show you the way! He is there waiting for us to look and see the light guiding our every step!

So… the last thing I was struggling with is… why do we not want to share with others our struggles or what God has brought us through?!

So many Christians I have observed try to sweep under the rug the tough times… put on their smiles for church… and tell everyone they are “Fine!”

Isn’t it in our weakness that God is strong and glorified?!
Isn’t it in the trials that we learn the most?
Isn’t it in the hard times that we grow into the person that God is shaping us to be?

Why then would we want to hide that from others?

God has put us here to come together and share in each others joys and sorrows… our laughter and tears… our ups and downs… our times of famine and our times of feast! God gave us friendships to help us to see that we are not alone in this world! And that your friend might be going through the same exact think that you have. If we hide the struggle we loose out on blessing that friend with encouragement and love! We miss out on crying on each others shoulder and knowing we are not alone! We miss out on opportunities to laugh together til our sides hurt! And most important we miss out on building lasting relationships that edify the Lord!



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