Yesterdays Daily Prompt

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

So I am not able to write every day due to my schedule and I just saw this post and knew I had to write about it!!

First of all let me just say this would be a dream come true!!

My dream would be a combination of many different things. If I had enough land and unlimited resources I would put a 3-4 story building on it.

The first story of the building would be an awesome comfy eclectic coffeehouse that sold only fair trade coffee and tea. This coffeehouse would have only healthy but oh so yummy baked goods from my mom’s cookbook. This coffeehouse would be decorated with local art work, have comfy sitting areas and have a large enough room for conference meeting room type accommodation. There would be a stage so that there could be mic nights for local artists. And there would be a gift shop with gifts from all over the world. The sales of the gifts would go towards an orphanage in which ever country the gift coordinated with.

On the second floor of this building would be an art studio. It would offer classes for people interested in learning a hobby and growing their gift. It would also offer after school classes to children who want to expand their artistic abilities. The art work would then be sold down in the coffeehouse area.


Last but definitely NOT least.. the third floor would be apartments and housing for women that are coming out of rehabs or transitional housing. It would be for women whose past is marked by what society would say is a red letter permanent flaw whether it be past addictions or felonies. This would give them a place to stay and offer them a job to be able to get experience  This ministry would help the women get back on their feet, dream for themselves and then help each women to fulfill their dreams.

This is a huge undertaking! But it would be a dream come true!!


6 thoughts on “Yesterdays Daily Prompt

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  4. wow 🙂 looks like all of us huge dreams. if only we can get enough money and resources to spend selflessly.
    wish you all the best with your dream project.

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