Making the most of life’s failures

sand“Failure handled improperly can be devastating but failure handled properly

is the best thing that can happen to us. Failure teaches us our most valuable lessons.

It keeps us from taking the credit for or taking for granted later successes.

We make the all important discoveries that even when we fall flat on our faces,

God is right there to pick us back up again. And failure also has a way of opening

us up to other options.”

Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson

I used to always look at the many broken dreams, detours, failures and wild goose chases as negative things in my life until I started reading this book. I am so thankful that this book was brought into my life because now I know that those things that I saw as failures was just a way for me to become open to other options.

If my time in South Carolina had not had its challenges and struggles I would have never started to write a book of my life and the struggles that people face that have a criminal background. I would have stayed there in my semi-content state and lived an ok life. It wouldn’t have lead me back to New York and the possibility of going back to India. In that process I viewed the lack of communication from the church and people starting the orphanage as a hit to my self-worth and felt that my past was the reason they did not want me. What it really was again was a way for God to get me to look at the other options there were out there for me.

I would have never looked into Teen Challenge as an option if God hadn’t caused the ship wreck that was in my eyes a failure.

When God is changing your steps or causing a detour don’t view it any other way than just that God has another step or process that He wants to take you through.

With coming out here to Montana it has been full of happy time but also a lot of heart ache and walking down the road of identifying past hangup’s and lies I believed for so long. I have had to learn to trust God in all of this. I have learned that it is not my “trying” that I accomplish anything but in an understanding and belief that God already accomplished it on the cross 2000 years ago. It is nothing that I can do in an of myself, I can not earn His grace, love and acceptance. I don’t have to clean myself up before I come before him.

So now I am in the process of learning to stop “trying” or “striving” and to just be still.

What does that mean though?

What does that look like?

Like I had mentioned in the last post this process of learning to “just be”

can be messy and frustrating.

It is taking what you have always done in situations and pretty much doing the opposite.

Its changing the internal voices to your human selfish voice to learning to hear the still small voice of God and what He desires.

Its learning to chase the Wild Goose!

I recently read that growing up spiritually is actually opposite of what it looks like to grow up physically. Children as they grow, learn to go from dependence on their parents to learning how to be independent, self-sufficient adults. However in the spiritual realm of life, we come to God independent from Him, knowing that we need Him but still not knowing how to lean fully on Him. As we grow in our spiritual maturity we get to the point that we know we can do nothing apart from God. We desire more and more that we be made and renewed into the image of Jesus. We become increasingly aware of our inadequacies, dysfunctions and sinful ways only so that we might continue to run into the arms of our father. We let Him wrap his loving arms around us and shelter us in the comfort of his wings knowing that nothing can separate us from His love. As we continue to draw closer to God we don’t fight the arms that are holding us but learn to snuggle in knowing that He has only our best interest in sight for us.


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